Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alternative Seating: How Things are Going!

My 2nd graders are getting used to using alternative seating, and I am loving it!

We spent the first day back from winter break going over expectations. We discussed which seating options would be best for the various activities we do throughout the day. We talked about choosing a seat that would help them be successful learners. And guess what? They're doing it! I think I've only had to move 1 child in 3 days. I've even seen children move on their own, because a friend was talking to them while they were working.

The only "problem" I ran in to was that the pillows were very popular last week. At one point, there was a big group of kids running to grab pillows at the same time. So they all put them back, and we didn't use pillows for that round of Daily 5. Problem solved! They seem to be over the pillows this week already. :)

They love standing at the bookcases.

Some kids enjoy the low tables, some prefer the high, and some switch off between the two.

I choose 2 students each day to sit on the stability balls, bean bags, and saucer chairs.

I have heard that some teachers who use alternative seating have students choose their spots for the day. I allow my students to choose different spots for the different activities that we do. For example, during math we may be using manipulatives that can be used at a table or on the floor. Then we may switch to using our workbooks, where students may want to sit at a table. We also do a lot of partner and small-group activities. One spot may not "fit" everything that child is doing throughout the day, so they have the freedom to move around, as-needed.

I'm definitely happy with my decision to move to alternative seating thus far. I don't know if my students are necessarily more engaged, but they are definitely more comfortable!