Thursday, August 8, 2013

Labeling With Students' Names

There is something about putting students' names on things that makes back-to-school time seem more real. It is a bit early to put names up, but my school doesn't have a huge transient population, so hopefully I won't have to change anything in the upcoming weeks.

I didn't want to put nameplates on my tables, but I still wanted to have something to show each child's spot in the room. I decided to use sticky nametags. I stuck them to cardstock, laminated them, and attached them to the chairs with Velcro. This makes it easy for me to change seating throughout the year.

Here is my hallway space. It's not very cute, but it will be full of artwork and getting-to-know-you activities after the first few days of school. :)

I have been at school A LOT lately, working on my website and planning for the upcoming year. However, I'm not counting those minutes towards my cumulative hours. It would be almost impossible to figure out how much time I spend planning over the summer! The minutes below reflect how much time it is taking me just to set up the physical space for my students.

Time spent working on classroom today: 2 hours
Cumulative hours: 125


  1. It's funny that I always get the impression that you're there at school alone (except for the admin and custodial crew). True? If not, how many other teachers are in the building at any given time?

    1. Not always, but sometimes. ;) I think there were 5 other teachers at school today.