Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 1: New classroom!

What a long day! After 2 years in my current classroom, I am switching classrooms for the upcoming school year. I am excited about this move, because I was the only 2nd grade teacher downstairs, and I finally get to move upstairs by my teammates. I was able to get into my new classroom at around 3:45 today, and I stayed at school until 9:45.

Here are some pictures of my old classroom. All of my teaching materials have to move upstairs, as well as almost all of the furniture (most of it belongs to me). It may not look like a lot of stuff, but the cupboards are FULL.

Here are some before pictures of my new classroom. Before I could even think about moving anything in the room, I wanted to clean out EVERYthing. (The cleaning crew will wipe down the furniture and shampoo the carpets.) I like to have a fresh, clean start when moving into a new classroom. I was so excited to get everything out of the cupboards that I forgot to take "true" before pictures. All of the teaching materials in the pictures were pulled from the cupboards and drawers. It took about 3 hours to go through everything, and decide what to keep, toss, and give away. (I kept very little.)

Next I moved almost all of the furniture into the hallway. I also cleaned out all of the cupboards with rags and multi-purpose cleaner. I only moved a few things from my old classroom, as my main goal today was to clean house! Here is what my new room looked like at the end of the night:

My mom is coming to school with me tomorrow night to help move and clean. My goal is to have everything moved in by Sunday, because the cleaning crew starts cleaning the upstairs classrooms on Monday already.

Time spent working on room: 6 hours


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