Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 3: All Moved In

I thought today would never end. My mom and I arrived at school at 8:45, and left at 6:45. I had to finish moving everything, since they are cleaning classrooms starting tomorrow.

Just to clarify: I technically did not have to move my classroom myself. I could have packed everything up, and put in a work order request for the summer crew to move everything. Since they are responsible for moving everything district-wide, this could have taken place any time between now and the beginning of the school year. No, thank you! (Plus, I'm weird about my stuff, since most of it is my personal property.)

My plan was to take the items out of one cupboard at a time in my old classroom, and put them away in my new classroom in the exact same way. I even took pictures, so that I knew where everything would go.

The cupboards looked the same from one room to the next, but when I started moving everything, I learned that my new cupboards are actually smaller! My old cupboards are about 4 inches deeper. Some of my new cupboards were more narrow, as well. So, I had to do more re-organizing than I had originally expected.

My other headache of the day was figuring out my teacher area, since I got rid of my teacher desk. I kept moving things around, and getting really frustrated. Nothing looked quite right. I finally decided to use a small portion of my built-in counter for my teacher computer. This area is usually used for my 6 HP mini laptops, so now I will only be able to fit 5 (no big deal-students can take the 6th laptop to their table spots). There were some "dinosaur" computers here before, but I removed them all today. I'm really happy with how it looks so far!

This is what my room looked like at the end of the night:

I would probably still be at school if it weren't for the help of my mom and fiance. My mom actually traveled and stayed the weekend just to help me!

Off to bed...I have to go back to school tomorrow for 9 hours to participate on an interview team. We are hiring two new 2nd-grade teachers. How exciting!

Time spent working on room today: 10 hours
Cumulative hours: 20.5


  1. I can't wait to see tomorrow's post!!! Will you be able to work in there after the interviews?

  2. If they aren't cleaning my classroom tomorrow, then, yes, I could get in there any time. I think I'll probably head home, though, after the interviews. :)

  3. Holy Moley, are those CHALK boards?? lol I love the tables! We have to use desks, but I think I would like tables better. I wonder if I could turn all my desks around so the kids can't store stuff in them and create a "table'? I could technically store my own stuff in them all year long! I wonder if the pencil groove being at the bottom would bother them? Now you got me thinking...I'm enjoying the posts! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Unfortunately, all of our classrooms have chalkboards. I use them all bulletin boards, though. As for your "table" idea, I think that would work. I have seen teachers zip-tie desk legs together to make them more like tables, too.