Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bulletin Boards Complete!

I finished my bulletin boards today! I try to keep my walls pretty empty until students arrive, so that we can make our anchor charts together. I also don't create very many student management boards. For example, some teachers have library check-out systems, math workshop boards, behavior management boards, Daily 5 choice boards, etc. I'm huge proponent of student choice, and keeping things as simple as possible. My classroom seems to run more smoothly when my students have choice, and are more responsible for their own learning.

Here is the wall above my classroom library:

This is my PBIS board (our school colors are purple and yellow). The charts to the right, and the big purple paw are documents that were made by my school to display student expectations. Our "point menu" will be on the bottom left of the board. Instead of student of the week or star student, we have a "Top Dog." The Top Dog's all about me poster will be displayed underneath the dog bones.

Here is a close-up of my classroom jobs. I don't create classroom jobs just for the sake of having jobs. They all exist to make my life easier! :) I simply rotate jobs by moving the dogs from pocket to pocket each week.

This board is going to be used for various ELA anchor charts.

Here is close-up of my word collector. It is actually a plain white large calendar chart that I trimmed down. I then added bulletin board trimmer to the outside.

Here are my genre charts. I put them up with just one push pin, so that I can take them down when teaching the genres. I purchased them from Amanda Nickerson's store on Teachers Pay Teachers (One Extra Degree). My students loved these posters last year, and referred to them quite often.

Here is my calendar board, which I actually re-did twice! I was going to use a calendar chart with velcro, but I just couldn't part with my pocket chart. It's just so easy to move the cards from pocket to pocket each month. I'm really excited about the Fascinating Facts pad that I just purchased from Really Good Stuff!

This my writing board, which will contain both writing anchor charts, and choices for Work on Writing. I originally wanted to use pennants for the board title, but they took up way too much room and looked too "girly cute," so I cut them down to circles.

Finally, this is my social studies and science board, which will contain anchor charts and vocabulary for the units we are studying.

Here is a close-up of the letters. I purchase the black letters from Frog Street Press, and taped them to scrapbook paper.

Time spent at school this week: 11.5 hours
Cumulative Hours: 102.5

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! :) Your bulletin boards look beautiful. I LOVE the colors!