Friday, July 19, 2013

Bulletin Boards (Finally!)

After buying bulletin board fabric yesterday, I was very eager to start putting it up, even though all of my trimmer hasn't come in yet. In the past, I used different colored fabric on my bulletin boards. Then I saw pictures online of a classroom with all black bulletin boards, and I fell in love with the idea. The black background is simple, and really makes the things on the bulletin board "pop." The inspiration for my borders came from Schoolgirl Style's bird theme. I love the way Melanie layered the corrugated border with Teacher Created Resource's mini polka-dot border. The boards without border are going to be lime green.

The white calendar in the middle of this board is actually going to be my word collector. I am going to add a thin layer of trimmer to the outside. It is covering up a hole I cut in the fabric on accident.

My order from Really Good Stuff arrived today while I was at school! I ordered this book display, which I plan on using for author study books. I love it!

I am very excited about these Daily 5 templates  (FREE on TPT!). They were made to be printed on legal-sized paper, but I had them blown up at a local print shop. I love that they provide a (cute) template/design for making the anchor charts. My only complaint is that they don't contain the "I" that is so important to the Daily 5 structure. (I plan on drawing a line along the bottom to make an I.)

Finally, I labeled my cupboards. I use a label-maker for the cupboards that contain my teaching materials. I then use a different label for cupboards and drawers that contain student materials:

What a long day!!! TGIF

Time spent working on room today: 6.5 hours (It felt more like 10. :)
Cumulative hours: 91


  1. I love your room!! Can you tell me where you enlarged your anchor charts blown up? I love how yours look! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I had them printed at a local print shop, so I would check with shops in your area. I think a FedEx/Kinko's could do it, too.

  2. Hi, whats the material you used for bulletin board border? I am totally new to this arts stuff