Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun with Files

I did end up going to school today for a while. I just couldn't stay away. :) I spent the day organizing my files. I store my teaching materials in binders, which I keep in my cupboards (more on that later). I have one 3-drawer file cabinet, which I use to store files that I need to access frequently (student cumulative folders, book orders, permission slips, etc.). I also have 6 file drawers built in to my cupboards, which I use to store photocopies. I needed to re-vamp my file system badly, and it feels really good to have it done!

My top 3 drawers contain:
-Math, science, and social studies copies
-ELA copies
-Daily 5 copies

I wanted to store all of my paper in one drawer, but the construction paper wouldn't fit. :( Here is my computer paper:

This drawer contains various math games and materials. Some go with our math curriculum, and some were purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers.

My next job is re-organizing my binders. I hate organizing files and teaching materials, because so much thought has to go into the process (what to keep, what to toss, etc.). I have been avoiding it like the plague so far this summer!

Time spent working on room today: 5.5 hours
Cumulative hours: 45

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  1. Organizing files is one of the hardest things to do, especially the sorting part - what to keep and what to dispose. Anyway, if you want to keep everything, just make a folder and label it as "Miscellaneous", and put in there those that you haven't decided yet whether to throw or keep. It took you quite a long time to organize your files; I'm sure that the more you get used to it, you'll be a lot faster.

    -Ruby Badcoe @ WilliamsDataManagement